Our mission goal is to teach, train and take groups into mission service opportunities.  Once a group is prepared and willing to take a step of faith we lead them either across the street or around the world.  The ultimate goal is to equip churches and their leaders to see the activity of God that comes through their doors and respond to find a place of service and partnership in the world.  As our name indicates we are a stepstone to equip churches to eventually stand in partnership with a missionary that God brings through their doors or through their community.


We teach the heart of God for the nations!  God's first command to man-kind was to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth.  This command was to be accomplished in relationship with God and for His glory.  All through scripture we see God's mission of interacting with man-kind to extend an opportunity to walk in relationship with Him and to fill the earth with His glory.  The end goal of God's mission is found in Revelation 7:9 by having someone from every nation and all tribes and peoples and tongues standing before the throne worshipping Him.  Our teaching goal is to impart God's missional heart for the nations into the people and churches we encounter.


The goal of our training is to prepare groups to enter a variety of cultures as servants of Jesus Christ.  Our training includes spiritual, cultural, physical, social and mental aspects.  We utilize our Stepstones Field Manual to prepare groups in these areas.  The Field Manual is a thirty day lead up to a trip and provides daily resources during the trip to build unity with the Father and the other members of the team. 


We take groups into countries where we have developed relationships and partnerships with missionaries and evangelical ministries.  We take groups into the nations for the purpose of equipping them to serve others as Jesus served us.  We take groups so they can have a guided mission experience to serve, learn, love and grow in their relationship with God.  The end goal of this process is to eventually equip churches and individuals to see and respond to the opportunities God brings through their doors and through their community.