Humility, Servant hood and Vision are the words the men used to describe the essence of their trip to Drouin, Haiti.  Eleven men traveled to Haiti thinking they were going to pour a basketball/playground court for the school in Drouin.  What they actually learned are lessons which will take a lifetime to live out.  Life in Christ is a journey that requires one step of obedience after another.  As we seek God, listen for His voice, watch to see where He is at work and then join Him we grow to learn more of who God is and enjoy Him in a deeper fuller manner.  We are more like Christ when we are serving than at any other time.  During the week of service in Drouin these men wrestled with aspects of humility, servant hood and a God sized vision.  Each day was a further lesson in learning to walk in obedience to these words.  The lessons were learned as we moved rocks by hand, shoveled a multitude of buckets of rock and sand, told Bible Stories to children during their snack time and by hauling buckets of concrete to create the slab.  We were in a laboratory rich with opportunities to die to self and our American ways and simply serve the Haitian workers.  In this laboratory there were failures and successes, but at the end of the trip the consensus was we have to return home to live these words in the places God allows us to walk day by day.