After praying through the massive need and listening for the directive from God, we believe He is asking us to respond within our calling to Teach, Train and Take by “Mobilizing The Local Church For Global Impact”.  Our initial response will be two fold in accordance to God’s provision. Anyone desiring to give toward meeting these needs can do so by sending a check made payable to Stepstones Ministry International with Haiti Relief recorded on the Memo Line or attach a note stating what need your are addressing.  Checks should be sent to P.O. Box 1988 Center, Texas 75935.  All donations are tax-deductible. Those who would like to give material items for the container please make contact at either or call the office at 936-591-8877. 

            The first response will be to gather resources and teams to build 15 houses.  The cost of each house is $5000.00, thus requiring $75,000.00 for the total response.  When the resources for 5 houses or $25,000.00 has been gathered we will take a team of 10-15 people with necessary skills to work alongside our Haitian Friends to build the 5 houses.  As more resources are provided we will gather other teams to go and serve.

            The second response with God’s Provision will be to send a 40’ container with needed supplies, tools and food.  The shipping cost for one container will run around $10,000.00.  We will only start receiving items for the container once the shipping cost is secured.  An item of prayer concerning this response is a warehouse type facility in Center, Texas where we can store items and out of which we can easily load a container. 

        The following is an initial list of items needed for the container.

               Roofing metal 12’  length                                    400 sheets
                 2x6x12’                                                         240 boards
                 1x4x16’                                                         300 boards
                 ½”  Plywood                                                    15 sheets
                 Rebar  ¼”                                                     400 strands
                 Rebar 3/8”                                                    100 strands
                 Rebar ½”                                                      600 strands
                J-Bolt Concrete Anchors                               400
                Concrete Tie Wire                             Numerous Rolls or Contractor bags
                Metal to Metal Screws 1” length                   300 pounds                                                                   Metal to Wood Screws 1” length                    300 pounds                                                                   16 Penny Nails                                               300 pounds                                                                   Wood Screws 2.5” length                               300 pounds                                                                   15 water filters x 130.00 each                                                      $1950.00
              5 New Diesel generators x 900.00 each                                       $4500.00    
              10 New Dewalt 18v Cordless Drills  x 100.00 each                   $1000.00
              5 New Dewalt 18v battery packs two per pack  100.00 each       $  500.00
              5 New Circular Saws    130.00 each                                            $  650.00        
              10 saw blades for metal  25.00 each                                            $  250.00
              10 rip blades for wood  30.00 each                                             $  300.00
              5 chalk lines    7.00 each                                                             $    35.00                                         5 levels   4 foot long  25.00 each                                                 $  125.00
              5 New hand saws x 20.00 each                                                   $  100.00                                             5 speed squares                                                                         $    65.00
              2 box of black sharpies                                                               $    22.00                                           30  4 person tents    x 75.00 each                                               $2250.00
              Cases of Red Beans            TBD    
              Cases of Pinto Beans          TBD                                                                                                         Cases of Black Beans          TBD                                                                                                         Cases of Rice                      TBD
              Cases of Pasta                    TBD