We just completed the second month of the YEAR TO REMEMBER CAMPAIGN. Thanks to all who gave toward the goal of adding a preschool addition to the school in Haiti. The goal for puzzle piece #2 was $10,000.00 and $5575.00 was received. The two month total is $17,315.00, leaving us just $2,685.00 short of the two month goal. Please join us in asking God to touch the hearts of people to give. The next puzzle piece goal is $10,000.00 and the faith goal to stay on track is $12,685.00. Piece #3 is due March 1st. As tax season is upon us and possible returns available, please consider making an investment in the lives of children in Haiti. Also, please consider sharing this opportunity with family, friends, coworkers, civic clubs and church members. Your gifts will help us complete the second and add the third piece of the puzzle as we continue to build the picture!

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