We praise God for the work He has invited us to join Him in these past ten years. As we move through this tenth year of walking with the Father, the celebration goal of adding the preschool building onto the school in Haiti is an exciting faith adventure. As of May 1st we are only about $900.00 from completing the April goal. The completion of this goal will allow the addition of the final piece of the puzzle on the top row of our picture. At this point, in the YEAR TO REMEMBER CAMPAIGN, we should be at $50,000.00. On June 1st, we should be at $60,000.00. There are some pledges that have been made toward this campaign, but have not been received as of yet. Please join with us as we ask God to touch hearts to give toward the preschool building. In reality, the gift toward the building is an investment in the education of children in this remote village in Haiti for decades to come. As this investment is made, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is being consistently shared in the classroom meaning the investment is in eternity for those children who surrender their lives to Jesus as Lord! Will you join us in praying and giving to make an eternal impact?