We are rapidly approaching the final quarter of 2019.  As we head into these final months, we would like to give an update on the YEAR TO REMEMBER CAMPAIGN.  This financial campaign is designed to be a celebration of ten years of ministry.  There were many options discussed by the Stepstones Board of Directors of how to celebrate, but they felt led to focus time and energy on a specific goal.  The end goal is of eternal proportion represented by a physical structure.  This structure will facilitate an education in a loving and safe environment where students can hear and have opportunity to respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The physical structure is a preschool addition to the school in Drouin, Haiti.  The six room school has a present enrollment of 305 students with nine teachers employed to provide the instruction.   The preschool addition will provide a unique place for educating preschoolers and provide relief of overcrowding in the present facility.  The financial goal for this preschool addition is $110,000.00.  At the present time $50,662.60 has been donated leaving a balance of $59,337.40.  The last quarter of this year is important as we pray and work to complete the campaign and celebrate with the beginning of construction in January 2020.

            Please join us in praying for, sharing this opportunity with others and giving!  We have been challenged to raise a matching pool of donors to help meet this goal.  The challenge is to gather a pool of investors that would commit resources to match funds up to $30,000.00.  If this pool of investors can be gathered it would represent half the funds needed to exceed the outstanding balance of $59,337.40.  The $30,000.00 pool of matching funds commitments need to be gathered by October 11, 2019 so the roll out of the final push toward the finish line can begin October 14th.  Will you pray, will you share, will you commit an amount to the matching pool?  A donor has committed to match donations to the Matching Pool at 50 cents on the dollar.  With this commitment we only need to raise $20,000.00 for the matching pool of donors. Will you give so your donation can be matched thus increasing your contribution? Anyone desiring to commit to participate in the matching pool is asked to email their contact information and the amount to desiring more information can contact Mike Brister by email at or by cell phone at 254-718-5040.