Began the year working with five churches preparing them to travel to an international setting.

Two of those churches traveled to Guatemala.  
     There were four houses built for widowed and abandoned mothers and their children.
     Bible Storying was done each afternoon with 25-40 children in attendance.
     It was a privilege in June to visit the first village we worked in around Lake Antilan.  We                    hosted a 2 hour children’s ministry and had mothers, grandmothers and a few men                            PARTICIPATE in the activities.  What a blessing!
    A special opportunity happened during the trip in June and saw fruit produced in July.
    In June after ministering on Sunday night in a men’s drug and alcohol rehab center two of                 the men preparing to leave the facility joined us during the rest of the week as                                   interpreters on the job sites and in translating the Bible Stories.
   When we returned in July one of these men worked with us again while the other                               recovered from sickness.  During this trip we ministered in the rehab center on Thursday                   evening.  When the service was over the two interpreters and 18 other men surrendered                     their lives to Christ.
    For a couple of years, we have been building a relationship and encouraging a pastor of a                     small church in the village of Chitulul.  During June we were able to worship in this church               and had opportunity to preach.  We also discovered a house church and met the pastor                     and now have this second evangelical contact to develop.
    God continues to allow us entry in to Chitulul and deeper relationships and sharing of the                 Gospel of Jesus through Bible Storying is growing.
    Support was raised to supply education for 63 students in Guatemala.  We celebrated                         with six of these students and their families as they graduated this past November.

This year in Haiti.
    We have been praying and working to raise the funds to expand the school in the village                      of Drouin.  The funds have been slowly coming in and the course is set to begin                                the work in March of 2018.  We will continue to pray for and seek the future                                    financial needs to complete this project.
    There are 350 students in the six room school.  Can you say overcrowded!
    For the first time, in the life of Stepstones, support for eight teacher salaries was fully                           funded and needed no support from the general budget.  We praise God for this                               provision!  We will need new partners to achieve this goal in 2018.

Domestic Ministry
    Met with three new churches and began a missional journey to one day lead them outside                   the walls of their building all the way to international settings.
    Preached Sunday through Wednesday Revival Services for FBC Broaddus.  FYI, the                           five sermons are posted on YouTube under FBC Broaddus.
    Sorrowfully have preached two funerals.  One for a teenage girl and the other for one of                     my former youth ministry members.
    Responded in Disaster Relief by taking a trailer load of supplies gathered from Center,                       Henderson and Hawkins to Rockport the Friday following Hurricane Harvey.
     Delivered a load of water to Cuero Fire and Sheriff's Departments.  After unloading at                        the Sheriff's Department had opportunity to speak a word of encouragement and                              pray with two deputies and six trustees.  They were very attentive and appreciative!
    Responded with supplies, a shower trailer, laborers, two cook teams and a refrigerated                         trailer filled with meat, ice and water to Sweeny, Texas.
    In two weeks we assisted in cleanout of 20 houses, provided a meal for the community,                       delivered 110 meals to refugees in an RV Park near the church.  Since this time                                 other meals have been distributed in this RV Park and the church has committed                               to continue outreach into this area of hurting people.
    Delivered 1300 pounds of frozen chicken to Rockport for use in feeding teams entering                     the area to assist in recovery.
    Assisted a church in Emory, Texas to make contact and arrangements to travel to                                 Rockport to help in Disaster Relief.
    Before, during and after responding to these needs we moved offices.  We are now                                located at 101 Hurst Street Suite 300 in Center.

Local ministry continues to happen.
     Coaches Outreach Bible Study had 10 coaches participating in two separate groups.                           Four of those coaches moved to different schools during the Summer and we prayed for                      them and encouraged them to go as missionaries to these new fields white unto harvest.
     This Fall we had three coaches participate in the study of David, God’s Champion.
     Uncommon, a Monday night mentoring ministry for Center High School Students                            continues with the students becoming more trusting and willing to share thoughts and                      needs.  There are eight men from three churches committed to investing in the lives of                      the students who attend Uncommon.  There are other groups and businesses who                              provide meals.
    As only God can orchestrate, I was asked by the athletic director to coach the Varsity 7                        on 7 summer football team.  The dates of games and tournaments did not conflict                            with any trips so I accepted and had the opportunity to deepen the relationships                                with coaches and athletes. 
    It continues to be a blessing to serve as chaplain for the varsity football, basketball and                        baseball teams.