March 17-24, 2018 was a great week in Haiti!  Six men traveled to work on the Spirit of Truth School in Drouin, Haiti.  Arriving in the country on Saturday the 17th we traveled up the mountain above Port Au Prince the capital.  We spent the night in a mission house next door to a boy’s orphanage.  This was a special treat for me because I saw some boys(now young men) that I had meet years ago.  On Sunday the 18th, the team traveled down the mountain to attend Agape Church in Petionville, Haiti.  This is a church I prayed for as it formed four years ago and have attended a couple of times over the years.  This church has a 6:00 a.m. service and an 8:00 a.m. service on Sundays.  They call themselves a church of small groups because of the rapid growth small groups are the best way to provide discipleship and accountability.  The mission of the church is Chak Moun Yon Moun translated means Each One Reach One.  This church has 2000 in attendance on Sundays, now that is church growth!  After the service we traveled four hours to the village of Drouin to get settled.  Activity soon commenced as the children of the village heard we had arrived.  There was no sitting still as soccer games and teaching the locals to throw a Frisbee commenced. Monday through Thursday the team worked alongside Haitian men to install drop ceilings in 6 classrooms, an office and a storage room.  We also painted all the rooms and the front of the school.  As the transformation took place over the four days, the teachers and students became more and more excited about the freshness of the classrooms and the school.  Teachers from another school in the area stopped by and were in awe of the new classrooms.  Some of the students from the other school asked if they could transfer schools.  Many in the village began asking if we could add grade levels so their children could continue receiving an education without having to travel several hours to a different town.  Tuesday afternoon a gentleman showed up at the school and he is the President of the Haitian Congress.  This gentleman lives in the Grand Saline Region were the Spirit of Truth School is located.  He told us this school is the best school in the region in both facility and quality of education received.  That was great news and brought encouragement to all involved with the school.  Praise God for what He is doing in through and around the school!  Praise God for allowing Stepstones to take yet another step in sharing the Gospel through the school!  There are presently 309 students enrolled in this six room school.  To say the least, overcrowding is the norm.  Our greatest need is to expand the school by adding a three room preschool building and hiring two more teachers.  Please join us in asking God to provide the financial resources to see this become a reality!