Rockport Mission camp was a new adventure for Stepstones.  Last September discussion and prayer began  about leading youth groups from small churches on an adventure during the Summer of 2018.  As the year progressed their were six churches that were interested.  When the reality of a Mission Camp became evident there where two churches that joined together to take on the adventure.  The camp began on Sunday evening June 24th with a meet and greet time followed by a short challenge and prayer time to begin our week.  Monday through Thursday we rolled out early and drove to breakfast provided by Hands of Hope.  Following breakfast we packed our own lunches, shared a time of devotion and headed out to minister.  We arrived in Rockport for the purpose of helping people affected by Hurricane Harvey last year.  The goal was to cut trees and stumps and clear debris.   The plan quickly changed as we arrived to find property with up to a foot of water standing in the yard.  We learned that they community had received 20 inches of rain in less than 24 hours on Thursday before we arrived.  We finally found a widow lady who had lost her mobile home during the hurricane.  She was in need of numerous trees to be removed and a large amount of debris to be gathered and stacked for burning.  Following this job we continued to encounter properties standing in water.  We finally headed back to the church for lunch and to regroup.  Following lunch we divided into two groups and headed out with a plan.  One group became a fence building team and over the next three days installed several hundred feet of fence for a family.  The second team continued as a chainsaw team and found jobs within the city limits that only a small group could perform and without standing water.  By the end of Thursday the fence was almost complete and 48 stumps and trees had been cut and stacked.  Along the way we were able to encourage some in their faith, share the love of Christ through service and share the Gospel by word and deed.  Each night we would gather for a time of worship through song and the preached word.  Following the worship time each youth group had a time to process the service and the day.  Talk and prayer has begun for Mission Camp 2019.  Where will God lead and where might we be serving Summer 2019?  Even better, who will join the journey?  If you have any questions about participating please contact us.  


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