In late June Volcano Feugo in Guatemala erupted killing many and decimating villages.  From this disaster, a plea was made for repelling gear for first responders i.e. Bomberos/Fire Fighters to use in rescue situations.  A request for prayer and support to purchase needed equipment was shared.  Soon the financial resources began to arrive and phone calls were being answered.  As the days passed, we waited on God’s provision and a plan to transport the equipment was being developed.  One of the phone calls was from a local fire department desiring to provide equipment.  Arriving at the fire station, it was soon discovered that they had 10 sets of bunker gear they wanted to donate.  I expressed appreciation, but said that was not what we were needing at this time.  Contact was made with our ministry partner in Guatemala concerning a possible need for the bunker gear.  An immediate respond came, “Yes, Yes, Yes, a new fire department is being formed and ten people are in a training program right now to be certified as fire fighters.”  God’s amazing timing and invitation was unfolding!  During the week of August 7-12, four men traveled with repelling gear and a desire to share life and faith with the fire fighters of this newly forming department.  On Wednesday evening we had a time of sharing with the fire fighters a story of physical rescue and the personal story of how we each were spiritually rescued by Jesus Christ.  The group was appreciative of the stories, the encouragement, prayer and the repelling equipment.  The following day the firemen invited us to a training time with several other departments in a nearby town.  The day consisted of classroom training on the nature and characteristics of fire, types of fires and some simple strategies when first engaging a fire.  The classroom session was followed by a hands on use of fire hoses and handling techniques.  When this session ended we returned to the fire station for a mock search and rescue operation.  This was an extremely challenging task and several trainees were overwhelmed by the experience and requested removal from the drill.  To say the least this was very eye opening for the travel team who observed and encouraged the fire fighters.  Many contacts were made and plans are being made to return in 2019 with a team.  This team will be comprised of Christian Fire Fighters who will carry the bunker gear, offer training and share the Gospel.  Please be in prayer for this future team, the new department being formed and for souls to be rescued by the saving power of Jesus!


            FYI, the new department received their first fire call at 2:00 a.m. Tuesday morning August 14th just two days after their graduation.  The fire was in a carpentry shop as part of a bigger complex which includes a restaurant we enjoyed on Saturday the 11th.  The town is now extremely excited about having the new fire department and for the men and women who now serve as fire fighters.  Once again God and His perfect timing were on display.  What a mighty God we serve!